Entrepreneurship Training and Technical Assistance

As a result of various collaborative partners, numberous partipants have graduated and successfully completed our comprehensive business course that was offered to the qualified applicants at no charge.  The areas of focus for the course were training on professional skills, financial management, and entrepreneurship training.

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James Francois facilitates a business training session on Financial Managment.


Housing and Housing

 Counseling Services

Renewal provides 1st Time Homebuyers Classes to the public on a quarterly basis.  The 2-day course provided access to bankers, realtors, mortgage lenders, home inspectors, and much more.  Subjects of the course include understanding homeownership, selecting the right mortgage loan, understanding the value of good credit, shopping for a home, and insurance.  We also have staff that is available to pull and review credit reports and counsel potential homeowners on what steps they need to take to position themselves for homeownership.


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Sonya Jacobs reviews mortgage rates during a 1st Time Homebuyer Class.



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Office Staff

Bishop Alvin Walker, Executive Director

Ericka Kelly, Program Director

Latrice Mays, Assistant