The Small and Emerging Business Development Program (“SEBD”) is one of the main delivery vehicles for Louisiana Economic Development (“LED”) to assist small businesses in both the rural and urban regions of the state. SEBD is a statewide program in cooperation with individuals, practitioners, organizations and agencies committed to on-going sustainable economic and human development in rural and urban Louisiana. The program pays 50% of the total costs associated with any state approved activity.  Benefits of SEBD certification include:

  1. Developmental assistance including entrepreneurial training, marketing, computer skills, accounting, business planning, legal, industry specific and many other forms of business assistance.
  2. Eligibility for the Bonding Assistance Program.
  3. Additional guaranty support under the LEDC Loan Guaranty Program.
  4. Consideration for bidding on selective service or product purchases by state agencies.

Small and Emerging Business Enterprise is considered to be any business organized for profit and preforming a commercially useful function, with a net worth not to exceed $1,500,000, that is 51% or more owned and controlled by one or more small and emerging business persons, with its principal place of business in Louisiana. A small and emerging business person is any citizen, or legal resident, of the United States who has lived in Louisiana for at least a year, and whose ability to compete in a free enterprise system has been impaired due to diminished capital and credit opportunities when compared to others in the same or similiar lines of business. Owner(s) is required to spend a minimum of 20 hours per week in the business to qualify for certification in this program. The individual net worth of at least 51 % of the ownership may not exceed $400,000, excluding personal residence and retirement assets (IRA, 401K, Pensions, etc.)

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